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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Placenta Previa

Things move so quickly, my understandings of things evolve at a rapid pace. I blink and something has changed profoundly for me in this place. It is quite an odd sensation, like the one you feel when you jump as the elevator touches the ground floor(if you haven't done that, you have not lived). For a moment you feel suspended in the air, you lose you equilibrium but then are grounded again.

Placenta Previa with a breech! A very rare thing... I now know what it looks like, sounds like, feels like. I didn't have to open a book to learn it, but had it walk into the clinic at 8am when this beautiful blue eyed woman came in for a labor check. I got a crash course in it. Heavy stuff you know, I am still processing how my day could begin with such an amazing birth (see last post) and end with such drama. Oh my, what a gift and what a difficult thing to witness. Mom is shaken (mostly with the expense of the hospital bills) and baby is great. I visited her the next day and despite quite a bit of blood loss, she was up and walking around.

What is a bit nutty about the whole situation was that an ultrasound had been done, and the condition went undiagnosed somehow (and how about that breech baby?). Crazy that a technician would miss it. I still have so many questions which may never be answered because there is very little communication with the hospital.

So...Universe? What is next?

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maya said...

wow....thats an adventure! Love this picture, so classic especially that you posted this entry at 5:52am