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Sunday, September 10, 2006

A picture worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words no ? Yesterday we had a 6 hour class on complications. Ugg, more talk about blood and I might spontaneously hemmorhage.

All jokes aside though, most complications are manageable and I will have a lot of learning on this front, by the time I leave MLL, complications will be pretty darn familiar occurances and I will be quite comfy will some things that might make others pass out.

Yes, there are more complications at MLL period. Hemmorhage being the most common of them. If you do research on the subject Hispanic women are more at risk for PPH. Perhaps they have a larger blood volume? Yes, one is tempted to blame poor nutrition, stress, poverty...but most of the women served at MLL are not living in poverty, if they were they would not be able to afford the out of pocket expense of care.

So why is it then truthfully? Perhaps because of their genetics, they have more blood to shed? What if it is just that, a normal physiological process that we clinically interpret as dangerous? I know, I am in innocence right now, but these are things to think of.

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darynee said...

I am very excited to hear that your experience, thus far, has been enlightening for you! It seems to be quite fast-paced and rich with information. I hope that many of the things that you learned with me are helping you keep a handle on some of the things that are coming at you. I look forward to reading more about your adventure and please continue to keep in touch. Hi fives from San Diego.