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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cowboys in our garage

There are 2-not one, but 2 Ford f-150 huge, deluxe, cattle guards and gun racks, fully loaded trucks in our front yard. Are they strange neighbors? Are they looking for things to shoot in the wilds of the Rio Grande? Are they farmhands at the neaby ranches? Are they chasing down a lost horse that may be roaming the open fields down the street?

Nope folks none of the above...they are here, in my house, staring over my dear husband's shoulders in our garage learning to make biodesel. Yep-these cowboy hatted booted mustashed tobacco chewing lovely folks are getting chemistry lessons in our garage.

Those Ford-150's? Yep Diesel trucks that run on recycled, converted veggie oil.

You think Californias are forward thinking folks, and Texans are assbackward? Nope-yer wrong.

I have met more mammas here (outside of the birth clinic) who co-sleep, elimination train, extended breastfeed, home birth in the few short months we have been here than most of my parenting years in San Diego.

Mind you, we are 5 miles from the border of New Mexico. That has something to do with it. Our kids are in Montessori school and that has something to do with it to.

I really thought I would be miserable here. I am not. Kids, husband even the dog is happy here. Arno is in heaven, he is teaching bio diesel to some cowboys. Plus he starts a very lucrative job next week...though sigh, his 1st paycheck doesn't come until January 15th.

Are you all trembling in your California Birkenstocks dear friends in San Diego?

I miss the sand, I miss the ocean, I miss my family, I miss my dear grandmother who just got out of the hospital. I miss my California king sized bed. I miss my long time friends. I miss you all!

Ps-My darling 5 year old made the society pages of the Diario. He was at a Holloween birthday party and in troops newspaper man to take photos of kids. I am a pround mama. Sorry the photo is not turned correctly.


Anonymous said...

biodiesel!!! my significant other is chomping at the bit to start making the stuff ... he has a ford f-150 he's hoping to convert.

i'm glad to hear all is going well for you

-- I am now going to hit you up with questions! It is looking like i am going to fly into el paso rather than drive for my visit. i can taxi to/from the airport, but i was hoping to talk with a student about possibly taking up residence on their floor for a night? i don't want to just call MLL to ask that, because you ladies are so busy!!
Also, I need to find out how much they would charge for me to stay and be present at birth talks the next morning (tues. the 19th.), or perhaps I should just stay for another shift.
Any advice you've got would be great. thanks sunshine! -Les

Anonymous said...

uhh. trembling? It's in the 90s here. Perfect beach weather. :)

Christian said...

Sunshine! I am glad it is going so well for you out there. I followed your link from our SDNF group, and love your blog. Personally, I have always loved Texas, but I am happy to see it get some good PR.

Jen said...

Hi Sunshine! Nice to 'see' you on SDNF every once in a while! I also followed your link. Sounds like a grand adventure. Aren't blogs great? Come visit mine sometime
Jen (iluv2rlx)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if now that you are back you have found more people in line with how you choose to live? In N. County SD I have lots of friends who are into natural childbirth, use midwives, function as duolas, breastfeed, co-sleep, etc. One of my girlfriends had a store until last fall that helped women with support in these areas and sold natural products. I use cloth diapers for Lulu, but when we got her she wasn't wanting to co-sleep...she loves to snuggle but needs her own bed:) Maybe the next one will be different...MH