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Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Exceptionally Ordinary Birth

This was a birth that I assisted at.

A first time momma, very young, comes in with ruptured membranes, light contractions. She had care with an OB throughout her pregnancy, had only been to two appointments with us.

It was a beautiful day so she walked around a bit to get things going, through the hallway, into the back courtyard. She walked in slow circles for an hour or so and then went back to her room.

She listens from her room and hears another woman birthing. I was told that she became a bit afraid, a bit desperate all of a sudden, to have this over with quickly. She labors for another hour in her room. I am not privvy to what is unfolding with her after that point.

I am sitting at the back table, listening to a beautiful song with tears in my eyes, it was my 1st shift back after my fathers death.

Birth team is called (the sign that she is probably pushing and help is needed) Staff and I go into the room to find her standing, very disoriented and very frightened, the baby is crowning, the other student trying to make sure the baby is born safely. We move her to hands and knees onto the bed.

The baby is born wailing, wrapped up and passed between her legs. She just stares at the baby in disbelief . She asked what just happened. "Your baby was born" Her baby is scooped up lovingly after a long minute and welcomed with tears.

A birth like that for a momma can be like plummeting down a roller coaster ride. It takes a while to not feel dizzy and disoriented about the surroundings.

I think that is what pushing is all about, the threshold crossing. When a woman doesn't feel like she pushed, when the baby rockets out, she might feel psychologically spacy, like someone just pushed the fast forward button on her live and skipped a big scene.

My third baby was like that so I know, I had the same reaction that this woman had..."what just happened?"

Another exceptionally ordinary birth...


Sarah D. said...


These are two wonderful accounts of beautifully ordinary births. I am so looking forward to having you, your new experience and faith with the extra-ordinary ordinary in birth and your wonderful energy back here in San Diego.

Sarah D.

emjaybee said...

So glad you're posting again..! And how much do I love ordinary birth stories? They're really the best ones.

Midwifery is catching said...

I can't wait to see births like that.