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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Only to be awoken 45 minutes later....

A continuation of the last post...

...only to be awoken 45 minutes later. I was in a dream still I thought as I helped the room set up for a mom who was at 8cm after her labor check. She entered the room saying "Ay quiero empujar" I glanced at her face and wondered what magic had brought her into my life for my 1st catch. This woman was stunning, filled with that incredible light and energy that gets a baby out. She was flushed from her work, skin glistening,the picture of perfection with this dad who was also smitten with her glow. Selma Hayek meets Aztec godess...

This was an instance where I literally just caugh the baby. She laid down and after a few pushes, this child litteraly launched out of her. I had my hands out to receive as the baby was crowning, looked up at her to say "sople, sople" to let the perinuem stretch a little. That second of looking away to her face, the baby came out with this popping sound and launched into my hands. If they hadn't been there, I think that little man would have hit my chest. I fumbled a bit and placed little Jesus Abraham on her belly. The staff midwife looked at me and said "did you hear that?" Yes, was my reply," what was that?" " Shoulders" was her reply. I am still wrapping my head around that one, not sure what that was, I think perhaps just pressure of fluid behind him that helped him on his way. He surfed into the world. Hang ten little guy.

This family was so lovely, 1st words out of dad's mouth were. "Your service is so much better here!" which gave us all a laugh. Their last baby had been born in Juarez and 3 years later mom still had pain from her epis (she had to be sutured again for this birth and had torn on the same line)

Dad was so exited, he wanted to see the placenta, the chord-its vessels, he was a litinay of questions for the rest of the night (even at 3am)

It was nice really, all perfect, the placenta came on its own, 3/4c blood loss. Baby latched right away. Etc, etc, etc....



Jennifer said...

Oh lovely! Congrats on your first catch!!

Marla said...

Hi Sunshine,

Congratulations on your first catch! It is thrilling, isn't it? Yet as you mention earlier, this culmination of catching the baby is ironically the easiest part (well, usually!). All the work beforehand, the prenatal care and counseling, the attention to the well-being of mother and baby during labor--that's where the work of midwifery is and where the situation is set up for a "win" for our mamas and babies. And we get to accept that sometimes a "win" will actually be a cesarean.

I still recall my first catch: it was a birth in a little hospital in El Cajon, about a hundred years ago when EC still had a hospital! I was a staff RN in L&D. I had also recently begun apprenticing with a homebirth midwife here in San Diego and was 4 months pregnant myself. We received a call on our shift from the ER staff; they were sending over a couple having their first baby. The couple had been attempting an unassisted homebirth but their fears came up during labor and they transported to the ER. For some reason, I decided from the staff's report that our little mama would likely be about 4 cm. I had to shift gears quickly when the staff brought her to L&D in a wheelchair and left her in front of me at the nurses' station. One look at her and it was obvious that things were much further along! I peeked under her hospital gown and discovered an enormous bulging bag of waters. We wheeled her to a room and moved her onto a bed. With that single motion and not even one push, her little baby whooshed out, born in the caul. I still remember that baby face looking at me through the "veil" with such serenity. I was filled with wonder even as I scrambled to get beyond the slippery strength of the membranes and open the little gift!

Sunshine, you will always remember your first catch! Congratulations!
It was fun to discover your blog. Wishing you many Happy Birth Days and sending your and yours a "4!"

lesa said...

congratulations, sunshine!!
you are inspiring :)

Ariel said...

I have to say, even though I seem completely grossed out, you write well enough to make me look forward to having a baby (much, much later. don't worry).

You should write the story, and that's how i'll give birth. Through literature, not physical elements. =) ha!

Sunshine said...

Oh great thanks to everyone! So nice to see people I love here.

Yes Ariel, I would happily write your birth story before you even give birth, then hide it away, showing you perhaps only after everything that unfolded. I am sure you would be simply amazing in it but even more spectacular in real life.

And Marla, how funny that you stumbled upon my blog! Stranger things have happened. Thank you for being an inspiration to me.
Lots of love to everyone. I miss you all.